How We Charge For Our Services

Our Fee-Based Arrangement

Non-Biased Recommendations

- Quarterly Reviews

- Comprehensive planning focusing on multiple areas, such as Retirement, Estate, Tax, Investment, and Insurance Protection

- Investing time and effort to get your finances from where you are, to where you want to be

- We listen to your plans and concerns and develop a custom plan to help you reach your financial goals


- Management solutions for your finances

- Budgeting your cash flow

- 401(k) analysis

- Portfolio in-depth analysis

- Estate and Business planning

- Resources outside of planning: attorneys, tax specialists, and loan/debt specialists

Our Commission Based Arrangement

Non-Biased Recommendations

- Custom planning based on your specific need, such as Retirement, Estate, College, Long-term Care, etc.

- We are compensated when we implement a financial strategy for you

- We include 1-2 review meetings per year